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Joanna Łuczak, translator of Polish, French and Spanish


* more than 20 years of work experience

* graduate of applied linguistics

*successful candidate of EU competitions for a Polish translator (no. 2249153 in EPSO/ AD competition and no. 2375394 in CAST competition)

* sworn translator of Polish, French and English registered in the Belgian National Register of Translators and Interpreters (VTI No 10704958)

I specialise in law, banking and economics (e.g. numerous translations of economic articles by Polish researchers into English and of non-fiction books). My second specialty is translating newspaper articles, scripts and other texts into English where a knack for imaginative phrasing is important. I also offer translations between two foreign languages (from French to English and from Spanish to English).







Phone no:

+32 484 215 589

+48 797 575 545




Linked-in profile:


  • s-linkedin



I can provide you with an all-round service for all your company’s translation needs: contracts, offers, employee evaluation, advertising, press articles about the company, power point presentations etc.

An on-going collaboration means your translation requirements will receive priority treatment and you can book my services for work you expect at some point in the future.





I am committed to delivering reliable and customised services:

  •  all jobs are ready by the deadline agreed and carefully proofread for accuracy

  •  I am happy to work on large and urgent projects (up to 5000 words per day)

  • we’ll develop a company-specific glossary to ensure continuity of the names and terms used from one job to the next  (e.g. the names of corporate departments and the titles of key personnel)

  • as there is no middleman between us, I can offer better rates than agencies and we can clear up any doubts directly

  • I am at your disposal when agencies are typically closed (at weekends and in the evening)



I work with Polish translation agencies: Intertext and getit and my regular institutional clients include Kozminski University, University of Warsaw and  Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin (Poland).

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